... on the gentle slopes, cornfields swayed in the cool breeze from the Passeier valley: later Archduke John planted vineyards with noble grape varieties trained on wire frames – an ingenious idea that is today experiencing a renaissance! Between them can be found orchard meadows producing delicious old apple and pear varieties – and even today the leaves of majestic, tall chestnut trees, well over 400 years old, still rustle.

… and now

many things have changed. The romantic peasant vista has given way to modern orchards with different apple varieties: the produce of today bears names such as Golden, Stark, Fuji, Braeburn and Gala, but juicy Gravenstein and even some red-cheeked Kalterer and sweet-sour Morgenduft apples can still be found.


A reminder of the “good old days”: the moat of Schenna Castle, once filled with water, today contains old apple varieties growing on high stems, including the majestic Kronprinz Rudolf, the aromatic Canada, the fiery-red Cox’s Orange, the delicately sour-sweet Boscoop, the noble, tangy Goldparmäne and the tart Champagne.